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Tech Lighting Kable Lite

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You can create your own artistic illusion of floating lights with Kable Lite.
Tech Lighting Kable Lite systems incorporates two thin cables installed point-to-point that are unobtrusive and become nearly invisible.
Great solution for high ceilings, since Kable Lite can be installed at any height. For areas with lower ceilings, Kable Lite can help make a space feel larger.

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K Giro - Kable Lite by Tech Lighting
$ 107.20 - Free Shipping
K Giro - Kable Lite by Tech Lighting

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Kable Lite is a unique system featuring parallel low-voltage cables that virtually disappear, creating the illusion of floating lights. Cables are tightened between two rigid surfaces and may span a distance of up to twenty feet without additional support. In lobbies, reception areas, lofts or other high-ceilinged spaces, Kable Lite provides unobtrusive, quality light. Cables may be installed from wall to wall at any height, and you can create turns within a run by including supports.
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