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BAKA-RU Transformer by Ingo Maurer.

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BAKA-RU Transformer by Ingo Maurer
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BAKA-RU Transformer by Ingo Maurer
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BAKA-RU Transformer

by Ingo Maurer

List Price: $835.00 Our Price: $709.75    You save $125.25 (15.00%)

Product Description

No need to conceal the transformer for the Baka-Ru system! With its unique shape it is part of the overall design of the Baka-Ru system.

BaKaRu was designed by ingo maurer and team in 1989, back in the early days of low voltage lighting. BaKaRu is a low-voltage cable lighting system. The elements are made of plastic, metal, ceramic and multi-mirror reflectors with protective glass covers. This description , however, does not remotely cover what BaKaRu is about. Team Ingo Maurer describes the low voltage lighting system BakaRu as follows: "What did we do with halogen lighting? - We reduced it to the most essential elements while keeping an eye on function and aesthetics, avoiding visual nonsense. By adding shapes we created moons, birds and other flying objects on wires. Those who copied us never understood this."

BaKaRu has clear, straight lines, which makes it an ideal choice for corridor lighting, offices, restaurants, galleries and window displays. It can be mounted vertically and is therefore a great choice for a high ceiling stairwell.

BaKaRu is available as a wall or ceiling set with the following components: 1 Transformer, 3 cables (length 20' each) with fixtures, 6 nickel-plated rods for ceiling installation ( 4 x 7.1/8"l & 2 x 14-1/2"l) and the choice of 5, 7, or 10 lighting elements. The lighting elements can be positioned anywhere along the cables and rotated and turned in any direction.. The insulated turnbuckles makes it possible to install the system to any surface, including conductive materials.


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