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Ball Hugger Fan by Modern Fan Co.

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Ball Hugger Fan by Modern Fan Co
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Ball Hugger Fan by Modern Fan CoBall Hugger Fan by Modern Fan CoBall Hugger Fan by Modern Fan CoBall Hugger Fan by Modern Fan CoBall Hugger Fan by Modern Fan Co
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Ball Hugger Fan

by Modern Fan Co

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Product Description

This hugger configuration of our popular Ball ceiling fan by the Modern Fan Company is an improved solution for use in low-ceiling environments. The teardrop shape makes a graceful transition from the fan to the ceiling, conveying a sense of fluidity and connectedness to the space.

Modern Fans can keep you comfortable while helping to reduce energy consumption in several ways. Like a nice breeze on a warm day, moving air offers recognizable relief from heat and humidity (scientists have a term for what's happening on your skin-“evaporative cooling.”). This “cooling” effect allows for upward adjustment of your AC thermostat by as much as 8 degrees, resulting in up to 40% reduction in power consumption. In many cases, air conditioning can be turned off entirely, with a Modern Fan using less electricity than a standard light bulb.

Additional reductions and savings are gained in cooler seasons when Modern Fans are used to re-circulate heated air that would otherwise remain trapped or stratified near the ceiling. Furthermore, the Modern Fan Co. offers longlife, color-balanced compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) options with all but one of their products. CFLs use only 25% of the energy consumed by equivalent incandescent or halogen lamps.

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Brand:The Modern Fan Company
Typical Ship Time:3-5 business days
Blade Color:White, Aluminum, Maple
Blade Diameter:52"/42"
Body Finish:Gloss White, Brushed Aluminum
Body Width:8"
Material:Aluminum body rotor and canopy; stamped-steel motor; copper windings; plywood blades
Overall Height:13" (Light Kit adds 1")
Technical Details:The patented rotor of the Ball Hugger Ceiling Fan is capable of moving 6000 cubic feet of air per minute. The Ball fan has multiple speeds and a reversible motor. In forward mode, the blades turn clockwise and air blows down, creating a breeze and a cooling effect. In reverse, the blades turn counterclockwise, pulling room air up and causing warm ceiling air to be gently pushed down, reducing winter heating costs.The blades are pitched at 12 degrees to circulate the greatest amount of air without creating excessive noise. UL-CUL damp location listed.

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