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Sushi Time Sushi Plate by Mint Inc.

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Sushi Time Sushi Plate by Mint Inc
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Sushi Time Sushi Plate by Mint Inc
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Sushi Time Sushi Plate

by Mint Inc

List Price: $75.00 Our Price: $50.00    You save $25.00 (33.33%)

Product Description

As they say in Japan, it’s Sushi-time somewhere!! The Mint Sushi-Time sushi serving plate provides a generous surface for prepared sushi and sashimi which slopes toward the center dipping dimple, ensuring that any excess soy-sauce and wasabi finds its way back home where it belongs. No double dipping now…

The round shape of the plate and the twin sets of chopsticks invite you to share your sushi with a friend as well as providing convenient storage of the chopsticks when not in use. At the same time, the composition creates a “clock” metaphor which is enhanced further as the sushi is placed about the plate’s diameter. Its always time for sushi with the Mint Sushi-Time!!

Design: Anthony Baxter


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