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Bryce Chandelier by Michael McHale Designs.

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Bryce Chandelier by Michael McHale Designs
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Bryce Chandelier by Michael McHale DesignsBryce Chandelier by Michael McHale DesignsBryce Chandelier by Michael McHale Designs
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Bryce Chandelier

by Michael McHale Designs

List Price: $6,700.00 Our Price: $5,600.00    You save $1100.00 (16.42%)

Product Description

There is an accidental quality to McHale Chandeliers, Lamps and Sconces. Materials intermingle that normally never meet - drawn together by light. Serendipidous and lovely, the diverse elements of these pieces effortlessly work together and form an elegant and powerful aesthetic message.

Each piece is a sculpture and handmade to order. They will never be mass-produced. Because of the artisan contrruction and individual histories of the components used, no two McHale Lights will ever be identical.

Crystals can be rearranged and swapped to change the look of the piece and its interplay with natural and created light. A second set of differently colored and shaped crystals is available for each model, allowing your piece to evolve with you.

The Bryce Collection by Michael McHale consists of the same lighting designs made famous by the Industrial Collection, but instead of using actual industrial fittings and pipes, we use our own hand-milled recycled aluminum hardware for a more finished industrial look:

Any McHale Industrial Collection chandelier, sconce, or table lamp can be fabricated as a Bryce Version.  Either brass or aluminum finishes are available.

Bryce Collection pieces preserves the industrial-chic look without being themselves industrial.


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