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What is Cable Lighting? Answers and Definitions about Cable Lights

Low voltage cable lighting systems feature parallel cables that virtually disappear in space, creating the illusion of floating lights. Cables are tightened between two rigid surfaces and may span a distance of up to twenty feet without supports. Tech Lighting cable lighting systems provide unobtrusive lighting in high-ceilinged spaces, such as great rooms or lofts that are otherwise difficult to light. Cables may be installed at any height, and you can create turns within a run by including supports.

Cable lighting systems are usually placed 7 feet to 9 feet above the floor and are installed from wall to wall parallel to the ceiling, but there are a lot more creative possibilities to accomodate your home design and bring the light where you need it.

The fixtures that are attached to the cables always use low-voltage halogen lamps.
Low-voltage lighting systems operate on a 12 volt current and a transformer is therefore needed to step down the voltage from the 120V household current to 12V.

Many cable light fixtures are very minimal in design and do not have a lens that can be placed in front of the lamp. It is therefore advisable for the fixtures that use an MR type lamp to choose one that comes with its own front glass. All Tech Lighting Kable Lite pendants come with a protective bulb shield.

If you need help, here are instructions on installing your cable lighting system.

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