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How to Design Your Tech Trak System. Tech Trak by Tech Lighting.

How to Design a Tech Trak Lighting SystemDesigning Your T-Track System
The first step in designing your Tech Trak system is to determine what it is you are trying to light.  You'll need to decide where the heads or pendants should be installed to put light where you want it.  Choose your elements then add accessories and optical controls, if desired.

Draw your Tech Trak run.  Remember, Tech Trak can be shaped by hand to follow architectural details or to create an organic shape.  Factory pre-bent shapes are also offered in several configurations.

Your Tech Trak run should be placed so it intersects the locations of all the elements and runs directly beneath the ceiling junction box that will be used to power the system.  Also determine how many sections of track you'll need.  Determine how far from the ceiling you want the system to drop.  Choose a power feed canopy of the appropriate length and style.  The maximum standard drop for the Tech Trak is eight feet.

Add rigid standoffs with connnector to join sections of Tech Trak end to end while supporting the system. Order one for each connection point between track sections.  Select the appropriate length to match the specified drop for the system.

Add rigid standoffs with out connector to support the system.  Order one for the center of each 8 track section plus two for the ends of the run.  This ensures support of Tech Trak every four feet.  For especially curvy runs, order additional standoffs without connector to support peaks of curves and heavy elements, as required. Select the appropriate length to match the specified drop for the system. 

NOTE:  Standoffs and power feed canopies are field-cuttable, so it's easy to achieve a custom drop length.

To ease Tech Trak installation in spaces with high and/or uneven ceiling surfaces, use adjustable standoffs to easily adjust height and level of the system.  Adjustable standoffs are not recommended on curvy runs or on runs with heavy heads, such as die cast ceramic metal halide heads.

To install a Tech Trak system to a vaulted ceiling, add power vault adapter to each power feed canopy, and add a standoff vault adapter to each standoff (with and without connector).

To install a Tech Trak system to a T-bar drop ceiling, add a T-bar connector to every standoff (with and without connector).  The T-bar clip twists into the slat.

CHECKLIST:  Make sure your Bill of Materials includes:

1.  Power Feed Canopy (without connector if powering from the center of a section of track; with connector if joining sections of track).

2.  Standoffs with Connector (one for each connection point between track sections).

3.  Standoffs without Connector (one for the center of each 8' track section plus two for the ends of the run).

4.  Tech Trak Elements Accessories and Optical Control Lamps (if not included with elements; lamps must not exceed maximum wattage of elementor accessory).

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