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Task Lighting

Form + Function is pleased to offer a wide selection of desk lamps and other task lighting solutions for your workspace.

Lighting your workspace

Tolemeo Desk Lamp

Form + Function is pleased to offer a wide selection of desk lamps and other task lighting solutions for your workspace.

Desk Lamps
Desk lamps are the work horses of the lighting world. They are designed to focus the light on a smaller area without creating any glare. They should, however, always be used together with other light sources that add ambient light. Trying to work with a bright desk lamp in a dark office will only add to your eye strain because of the severe constrasts between the task lighting and the surrounding area. Even though it is possible to design a workspace using only overhead lighting as seen in many office environments, a desk lamp adds a higher level of flexibility. It also helps define a personal space and add warmth by creating a "pool of light" around the work area.

Workstation Lighting
Most workspaces of today include a computer. This add a new dimension to the planning of the proper task lighting. Many things about working on a computer are visually demanding: The constant eye focusing, the frequent eye motion, and the need to realign your field of vision continuously all contribute to eyestrain.

This calls for appropriate computer workstation lighting that provides enough illumination so that you can comfortably see the monitor, keyboard and screen as well as your reading material on the desk, but are not blinded by excessively high light levels. Since a monitor is already bright enough, you should pick a desk lamp that can be used to illuminate your documents, but avoids excessive light near the monitor. The task light should be angled to fall on the keyboard, but not cause glare on the screen. 

** If you are right-handed you should position the light illuminating the reading material on the left side of the desk, and visa versa if you are lefthanded. This prevents you from casting shadows across the reading material.

Choosing the Right Desk Lamp
Even though desk lamps are primarily chosen for their function, they don’t have to be boring or look entirely utilitarian. Whether you are looking for a contemporary desk lamp or a task light to to complement your more traditional interiors we offer choices for you with form as well as function. Desk lamps come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. There are designs from the sleek contemporary to tiffany-style lamps to provide reading light for a home office or den.

Choosing the Right Light Bulbs
Some desk lamps take incandescent bulbs, others halogen or fluorescent. Halogen lamps produce a clean, crisp white light and are known for their longer lamp life and higher lumen output per watt compared with incandescent sources. Low voltage halogen bulbs use a smaller filament, which makes it possible to design desk lamps with a more slender profile and smaller heads.

Incandescent bulbs are simple and inexpensive. They produce a warm color temperature and are generally a good choice for providing pleasant, soft, ambient light.They are easy to dim. One disadvantage of incandescent bulbs is, however their short lifespan.An important feature to look for in a desk lamp is the degree of flexibility and its reach. A lack of height can restrict the light distribution.

We Recommend:
Choose a desk lamp that allows you to adjust the light levels. Often a high-low setting is sufficient. Otherwise add a line dimmer for maximum control of your new desk lighting. The Tizio desk lamp that Richard Sapper designed in 1972 for Artemide has a unique cantilevered arm that offers adjustability with the tip of a finger. It is a radically updated version of the classic anglepoise task lamp and has become a design icon with its striking graphic silhouette. Another exceptionally pleasing jointed desk lamp, the Tolomeo, has also become a modern classic of Italian design.

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