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Our New Showroom for Contemporary Lighting. New Form + Function Showroom

We have a new showroom at Form Plus Function.

We have now been at our new location for three full months and things are starting to look just the way we envisioned it. This for sure is not your run-of-the-mill lighting showroom!  And that’s just what we intended. We are aiming for a lot more. I’ll explain:

After 24 years in the lighting business a lot of things came together to make us want to change - well, EVERYTHING.
From very humble beginnings we had grown and and expanded, and up until three months ago we occupied 12.000 sq ft. filled to the brim with lighting, with some furniture and home accessories thrown in. (How else do you display 20 different types of desk lamps?)

Business was bustling on the web as well as in our Santa Fe showroom, where we also have our offices. Over the years we had created a very unique showroom with a loyal customer base . Life was good. - Kind of.  It had little by little become obvious to us that something vital was missing: Time to do things right.  Really right.
We were insanely busy, stressed, over-extended, and frustrated over being torn in all kinds of directions.

With all the exciting changes in “green” product development a lot is happening and the lighting business is an exciting place to be.
We wanted to be allowed to focus on what is important to us: Being able to be there for our customers is definitely high up there on our priority list. Not just sell stuff, but make our knowledge base available and have fun working with the people who walk in the door.

We got it!

The new place is a charm! Lots of vignettes, interactive displays, places to sit down and pour over literature, samples. Soon our tv monitors  on the walls will show videos or power point presentations about our products, allow our customers to surf our site……

Can’t wait to tell more and show you more photos - next time….

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