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Chandeliers For Dining Room, Foyer and Hallway Home Lighting

A chandelier over your dining table can create a soft, warm atmosphere similar to candlelight.
Form + Function offers chandeliers in a wide variety of styles, from contemporary chandeliers for a sleek, modern look, casual/rustic chandeliers for a relaxed feel to traditional and Mission/Arts & Crafts chandeliers for enduring style.

Regardless of the style, a chandelier is the focal point of the dining room and brings out the beauty of your furnishings.
Chandeliers with a downlight can provide task lighting for the table and accent a centerpiece, while chandeliers with lamp shades or diffusers bring more ambient light to the room.

Form + Function carries a large selection of high quality chandeliers, from hand forged chandeliers by Hubbardton Forge to sleek, modern chandeliers by Artemide that have little resemblance to your grandmother's chandeliers.

Below are some common questions regarding chandeliers. If you would like more information, take a look at our blog post "How to Light Your Dining Area Using a Chandelier".



We need help Choosing a Chandelier.
We are looking for a chandelier for our dining room and foyer, but are uncertain about the sizes we should look for as well as how high to hang it. Can you help us?

The appropriate size chandelier depends on the size of the room and the size of the dining table.
One guideline is: the diameter of the chandelier in inches should at least equal the room diameter in feet, but depending on the style and design the chandelier could be two inches in diameter for every foot of room width. A slender, graceful chandelier obviously takes up less visual space than a very heavy or ornate chandelier, which will appear larger.

Multi-arm chandeliers that are 24" - 36" wide generally suit standard spaces. In rooms less than 10 feet wide, a chandelier of less than 24" looks better.

Over a dining table the chandelier should generally be 12" less than the width or diameter of the table, so that the diners are comfortable and not crowded.

Hang the chandelier so that the bottom of the chandelier is roughly 30 - 36 inches from the top of the table, That ensures that you can still see your dining companions, and it gives you space to fit a tall centerpiece under the chandelier.



How many lights?

Each candelabra socket can generally carry a maximum of 60 watts. Smaller rooms do fine with 6 to 8 lights, but larger rooms may require 8 or more lights, especially if the chandelier is your only light source. No matter how many lights your chandelier has, we recommend using a dimmer, so you can vary the amount of light from low light for atmosphere to brighter light for tasks.


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