Why are people literally taking to the streets to protest the ban on the trusted old Edison bulb?
Well, for one it produces great light. In technical terms: It has a CRI of 100, which is the highest possible.
(CRI or Color Rendering Index, is a scale from 0 to 100 used to indicate how a light source will make the color of an object appear. )

Only 95 of the more than 8,000 ENERGY STAR lamp products on the July 2013 Qualified Lighting Products List published by the EPA,  have CRIs of 90 or above. That’s pitiful!

“As bans on incandescent lamps unfold and governmental regulations continue to ignore the fundamental challenges of delivering high color quality products, the bulk of the LED industry will continue to focus on easier-to-make, mediocre color quality (CRI 80) products that just meet the bar. All this leaves consumers with little choice but to adopt inferior lighting in their homes.”
Mike Krames is the CTO of Soraa
Mike writes an awesome blog: http://www.soraa.com/news/ctoblog-july-31-2013


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