Ingo Maurer - Light Poetry

At Form + Function we just LOVE Ingo Maurer. We have sold these incredible fixtures for over 20 years and enjoyed every moment of inspiration.

Ingo Maurer is well-known all over the world for his playful, intriguing lamps, light objects and lighting installations.

Buying an Ingo Maurer piece is not just just picking a light fixture. It’s choosing a piece of art, an installation that brings more than just illumination.
You can see many of them in our Santa Fe showroom, or call us for photos from our projects as well as cutsheets.

Visit our Facebook photo album, a collection of Ingo Maurer photos from homes and businesses from New York City to Copenhagen, Tokyo, Rio…

Get inspiration and have us ship you your very own magical Ingo Maurer light creation.

We ship worldwide, efficiently with no hassle and low shipping cost.
We are proud of our projects all over the world and would love to ship one of the wonderful Ingo Maurer light creations to you, too!


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