Artemide has for years inspired with their concept of  “The Human Light.”

It is rare that an ad campaign gives me goosebumps, but last year’s  “There is Light on Earth” campaign by Artemide did just that when I read about it and saw the beautiful photos.

Artemide Cosmic Leaf“ARTEMIDE launches the new international ad campaign “There is light on Earth”, conceived and implemented by La Scuola di Emanuele Pirella.
The concept “The Human Light,” which has been inspiring the entire world of ARTEMIDE for many years, is now the starting point for an ethical vision of light, like a spiritual energy at the service of ideals and of those that struggle to establish them all over the world.

Night and day.  Darkness and light. Ignorance and reason. Oppression and freedom. Opposites are at the focus of the new ad campaign of Artemide, whose messages and products have been concentrated, for many years now, on the concept of “Human Light” – a light respectful of people and of the environment through the use of new materials and new technologies.

This year Artemide launches six lamps created by seven “enlightened” designers: Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Giancarlo Fassina & Michele De Lucchi, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, and Giuseppe Maria Scutellà. Six lamps that cast their soft light on six portraits of very well known, somewhat renowned, or unknown people, different but sharing something deep: a life spent, out of choice or of need, struggling to protect their own ideals – or their own existence.

Artemide Doride Floor Lamp

Artemide leads us through the halls of an ideal show, where light is opposed to darkness that tries to prevail over it and erase it. And where the portraits of Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician and Nobel Laureate for Peace, still under house arrest, and of Ghesce Yesce Tobden, one of the most outstanding spiritual leaders of the Tibetan people, who spent most of his life in exile, hang on the walls (photo by Melina Mulas). Their intense faces add up to those of the children that survived the civil war in Sierra Leon (photo by Ugo Panella).

All these stories convey the same message – there is nothing more luminous than human life. As the title of each ad goes, “There is light on Earth”. Luckily.

The new Artemide ad campaign has been conceived and implemented by La Scuola di Emanuele Pirella.”
-Artemide News

Artemide Pirce

Artemide Pirce Pendant

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