Flos Romeo Moon Soft Floor Lamp, Hotel Nives, Selva, Italy

Looking for a place to use the internet first seemed like an ordeal in Selva, Italy.
We spend a week each year skiing and catching up with old friends in this beautiful little town in Val Gardena in the Dolomites. We always rent an apartment because we are a bunch of us, but  so far noneof them  have had internet connections.
Up until now the choices I had were rather  inconvenient, like paying to use the computer in a ski rental store which I did every evening for an hour last year.   Or, as I tried once this year, using a true antique of a computer in the only “Internet Cafe” in town (one computer available!) with a meter for coins. My eyes were glued on that ticking meter that ate Euros like crazy while my emails downloaded at snails pace. Hated the stress!
Then I found heaven: Hotel Nives. I went to take a look at this beautiful modern hotel on the main street and take some photos of their interesting lighting for my blog. The lobby/bar/living area was SO incredibly inviting that I spent some time there and found out that Yes, I could sit there, sip a glass of wine (an excellent crisp local white wine at $3 a glass), enjoy the modern, serene surroundings and a nice fire in the fireplace – and wireless internet for $8 for two hours.

Life was good! I went back three nights in a row after skiing (while the guys were napping before dinner.)

The photo shows one of the reasons I went into the Nives in the first place: The Romeo Moon floor lamp from Flos fits beautifully in this unique decor that is a harmoneous blend of modern and classic decors.

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