Zocalo Santa Fe by Legorreta

Zocalo Santa Fe by Legorreta

Speaking of color: On my way to work I pass this unique development at the outskirts of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe has a pretty strict building code that only allows pueblo or territorial style buildings in various shades of “adobe”, the clay bricks made from the native soil.

Zocalo, designed by the world-renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta, pushes the envelope and shows an exuberant mix of the more vibrant earth tones of the Southwest.

Located in the Northern Hills just five minutes from Santa Fe, Zocalo homes offer open, light-filled floor plans and a community inspired by Legorreta’s vision of casita-style condominiums centered around small plazas.
Designed with a brilliant use of color and traditional Mexican architectural elements, Zocalo showcases Legorreta’s signature use of vivid hues, geometrics, and warm, abundant light.

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