Luceplan Solarbud

All over our neighborhood I see solar path lights sprouting like mushrooms.

I love the concept of solar lights (after all we have lived in a passive solar adobe house for the last 30 years), but I cringe when I see most of  them since the light is so poor.

Most homeowners buy kits of multiple little solar lights since it is cheap and convenient. Makes total sense.
The problem is just that the solar collectors are tiny, too and they can’t really give off much light at all. And the light is a cold, blue-ish light.

Since the sola concept ┬áreally intrigues me (and I am in the lighting business) I put some of Luceplan’s Solar Buds in our front yard. Amazing!!! They really produce enough light for our path. The light is beautiful AND the fixtures look really, really nice.
But at $171 a pop they are not a cheap date!

SolarBud needs no electric wiring because it is powered by a battery recharged by sunlight. With exactly the right brightness, it picks out paths, tracks, swimming pool edges, doorways etc, that would otherwise be hard to recognize in the dark.

The solar energy, collected by a polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell, powers two rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. After sunset, they can yield the energy accumulated from the sun to spontaneously turn on the high efficiency leds. The duration of the light when fully charged is between 13 and 15 hours. The sun exposure time necessary to reload the energy expended after 13 hours of lighting is about 5 hours.

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