Let's Colour the World

Let's Colour the World

Stumbled upon this great project that made me smile.
Love social media!
The images are so joyful and uplifting!
We definitely all need more color in our lives!!

The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide initiative help to transform grey spaces with brilliant colors.
It is the brain child of Kerris Bright, Chief Marketing Officer of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints.

“Starting in March 2010, The Let’s Color Project had brought color to Brazil, France, the UK and India. The local communities rolled up their sleeves and joined us in painting schools, streets, homes and squares.

By going into these dull and grey communities and injecting bright and joyfilled colour, Let’s Colour will inspire, transform and revitalize neighborhoods and help to put energy back into these communities. Their feeling is that as the spaces become more colourful, so will peoples lives!

Award winner, Andrew Lang is filming as they go and is releasing clips along the way (check out their youtube channel) and then as a full length documentary upon completion.”

Colour Your World Project

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