The  Lacrime del Pescatore by Ingo Maurer is here shown at Spazio Krizia in Milan.
What a spectacular installation!

I stumbled across the photo on the Chelliswilson  blog (http://chelliswilson.blogspot.com/2009/09/more-maurer.html) and ended up spending the next half hour on their site.

I have photographed the Lacrime del Pescatore myself several times and it’s really hard to gauge the size of it, probably because it stretches from corner to corner and each installation therefore looks different.

But here are the hard facts:

Three nets with 350 crystals. Top net: 56″ x 56″, middle net: 40″ x 40″, bottom net: 28″ x 28″. Overall height: 32″.
Weight: 7.7lbs

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