Ingo Maurer Lacrime del PescatoreThe Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich is such a treat!
It was great to see this unique “Chandelier” Lacrime del Pescatore by Ingo Maurer again during our visit in Munich this weekend . It gave me the opportunity to take some photos of it. Well, I tried. After a few attempts I realized how difficult it is to capture the beauty of it while showing it in the context of a room.  There was always something in the way, it seemed, but I think these photos at least give an idea about the scale of the fixture.
The three nets can be hung in several configurations since they are attached at several points and stretch easily.

The long slit in the dark blue ceiling is the the cool recessed light “Slitz” that I’ll talk about more in a later post.

Ingo Maurer Lacrime del Pescatore

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