Good home lighting makes a tremendous impact on how we feel.
Although it’s often treated as an afterthought, lighting seriously influences how  you, your family and your company feel about your home.
The right home lighting can make your surroundings feel spacious, clean and welcoming. It is instrumental in setting the mood of any room in the house.
Warm light makes people want to linger, slow down, move closer together, just like around a camp fire.  (No wonder Fast Food restaurants have bland, bright, even illumination. They are anti-lingering!)
Low voltage spots can make the colors in a painting stand out or bring the shapes of a sculpture to life. The right light at your vanity can make you feel great in the morning, just because you look great.

With literally hundreds of options, the choice can seem daunting. To break them down, think of lighting from two aspects….functional and aesthetic.
Home lighting needs to provide the correct type of light in sufficient quantity for the task. Aesthetically, the right lighting can create the desired mood and make you feel good.

A good interior lighting plan should include task, general, and accent lights to provide lighting that is not only functional and effective but also fitting your decor and lifestyle.
Light fixtures can change the tone of any room in your home and bring out the features you think are important and want to highlight.

You finally got your dream kitchen? – Show it off!!  During the daytime with the light spilling in through the windows it might look just perfect. The right lighting will make sure that it looks just as good – or even better – at nighttime when you are entertaining.

It is amazing how the right lighting can bring out the beautiful colors of a countertop in the kitchen, the dramatic textures of a natural stone fireplace in the den or the richness a beautiful heirloom dresser in the bedroom. There is not a place in the home that can’t benefit from a well- thought-out lighting plan.
Planning your home lighting does not mean spending more, but can actually save you money by focusing on what’s important. (AND if you ask any of us from Form + Function for advice it’s FREE!)

The right home lighting is not only there to illuminate specific tasks, but is also used to bring out the beauty of your home’s décor. Illuminate what you want to be seen.

An evenly illuminated room is boring. You need light and shadows to create atmosphere.  A reading lamp next to your favorite chair, a pendant over your dining table, a small table lamp on a console table “just to add a little something”. It’s amazing what all these “pools of Light” do to the overall comfort of the room.
Your home lighting design gives you the opportunity to choose what to highlight – and what to leave in the shadows.
Want to be able to choose the right socks on an early winter morning? Want to be able to see you face, not just the top of your head in the bathroom mirror? Want to walk to the back porch without tripping? So many apparent challenges – so easy and often inexpensive solutions!

Light fixtures can add beauty, warmth and drama both indoors and outdoors. The right outdoor home lighting plan can enhance the exterior of your property by illuminating paths and making your doorways inviting as well as safe. Exterior light fixtures can both brighten and beautify your garden, pond, deck, fountain, trees, and driveways, adding value to your property.

Contemporary lighting, Craftsman Style, Tiffany, modern lighting, traditional, eclectic….there is a style that fits you.
At Form + function our selection is favoring contemporary and modern designs, but we still feel strongly that the most important thing is finding the fixtures and lamps that work harmoniously in your home.

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