Our server went down two days ago and anyone with a business can understand how traumatic and crippling this is.
To make things even more horrible we now found out that our recent backups were no good. Talk about disaster!
We had our local tech support team come over to try to fix it, but they seemed in over their heads and after valuable 1-1/2 days they still hadn’t found a solution and meant that the data was lost.
Himebaugh Consulting to the rescue.

We have worked with this great company for years now. They built our website from scratch and are hosting it. They have the greatest team you can imagine for web development.
Now I needed them in this crisis and they truly came through for us. We overnighted the server to them – and they saved our data!!!

The staff at Form + Function is drinking champagne as I am writing this!!!

You can reach Himebaugh Consulting here http://www.hcd.net


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