New Mexico Disaster Dog Training

We care about more than Lighting!

Form + Function pledges 10% of all profits this week to help train more disaster dogs.

The last weeks have brought so much tragedy from earthquakes that most of us are still numb from it.
After this morning’s news I was trying to think of something where I can reach out and contribute something special, something with a more long-term value than donate money (which we did as well).

As I have mentioned before I have a passion (aside from lighting) which has kept me busy in my spare time for the last 15 years.

I am a canine handler with one of the 28 FEMA task forces in the nation, New Mexico Task Force 1. I went to the Pentagon with my black lab Guinness after 9/11 and to Katrina and Rita with my black lab, Spenser.

Throughout the country there are dog handlers training to be ready to go on deployments with the FEMA task forces when needed. Many are volunteers. As a matter of fact, all canine handlers on New Mexico Task Force 1 are volunteers and do not get paid for any of their work.
After 9/11 the canine handlers of NM-TF1  established a non-profit organisation, New Mexico Disaster Dogs. Donations given to this organisation have primarily been used over the years for training purposes.

It takes about two years of dedicated work to train a search dog to be able to complete this difficult task. All canine teams travel a lot to find training opportunities with other task forces throughout the nation, since the training is so specialized. Most training is paid by the dog handlers themselves.

Since there is such a shortage of certified dogs Form + Function  has decided to create a scolarship fund for canine handlers, who show promise and true dedication, but might need financial assistance.

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