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Holiday Photo Contest

Send us your  Holiday pet photo and get two free candles!

After spending the morning trying to get a Holiday photo of my wiggly black lab Finegan I have given up!!
I envisioned him sitting on one of our red leather chairs with some fun battery-operated LED light strings wrapped casually around his neck, but the result was chaos.

After I have untangled him, mopped the floor (a large vase with Holiday greenery tipped over during the battle) and looked at the claw marks on the chair I decided to ask for YOUR photos instead!!

Send your Holiday pet photo to and enter to win twelve of our beautiful dripless dinner candles.
We will have one drawing per day until December 31st!!!

One entry only per person, please.


I just spent the afternoon browsing websites around the world in the pursuit of lighting photos. To be exact: photos of lighting we like, use and sell, but shown in the context of a real home.

I especially enjoy the lights from FLOS. They are modern classics or classics-in-making, full of life, energy and class. No wonder they are so popular in hotels, restaurants as well as homes around the world.


The Candles are in!!

In Santa Fe that’s all we have to tell our customers and they know what we are talking about – and why we are so excited.

We import these beautiful candles from Denmark and just got a huge shipment in.

These candles are practically dripless (honestly!!), burn for 13 hours and come in 45 beautiful and unique colors.
The price did go up this time. After having been able to keep the price at $1 each for the past 12 years price increases and the exchange rate has forced us to raise the price to $1.50.


FREE WITH PURCHASE:  Lil Big Wonder accent lamp by Tech Lighting.

Buy Tech Lighting products for more than $250 and get this great little accent lamp totally free.
We’ll even gift wrap it for you and send it to the recipient of your choice at no extra charge!

The Lil Big Wonder by Tech Lighting is just that: A wonderfully compact, powerful accent lamp with a plug-in transformer, it brings light just where you need it.
Use one on top of a bookshelf to highlight a favorite bowl or on the floor close to a natural stone wall to graze it and bring out the texture.
The uses for this little neat fixture are endless.
The canopy can screw onto a wall or sit on the floor. Automatic shut-off if tipped over.


UNICEF Ingo Maurer Snowflake

UNICEF Ingo Maurer Snowflake

Broadway Kids Care (BKC), the organization of theater kids for kids (and others), will perform festive holiday songs at the 2010 UNICEF Snowflake lighting ceremony on (Thursday, November 18) at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in New York City. This year’s event will also feature an appearance by HGTV’s Vern Yip, who will flip the switch to illuminate the magnificent UNICEF Snowflake, signifying the beginning of the gift-giving season across the globe.

The UNICEF Snowflake, donated by the Stonbely family, has become an iconic fixture in New York City during the holiday season. It was handcrafted by German lighting designer Ingo Maurer and is adorned with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms. At 23 feet in diameter, over 28 feet in height and weighing 3,300 pounds, the UNICEF Snowflake is the largest outdoor chandelier of its kind. The UNICEF Snowflake will be illuminated for the entire holiday season.

This incredible,  glittering new decoration was installed above Fifth Avenue in New York in November 2004.  This superb structure is made of stainless steel with 300 flashing high-power LEDmodules and more than ten thousand sparkling crystals.
Lighting designer Ingo Maurer was invited by the United States Fund to design the new UNICEF snowflake. The result is a fantastic sculpture in light, suspended 80 feet in the air.

ingo maurer UNICEF snowflake

ingo maurer UNICEF snowflake



Usually I hate seeing the long days of summer disappear, the evenings on the deck, meals al fresco. But then I think of the pleasures of cozy evenings indoors: – candle light, fire in the fireplace and hearty stews.

I have a collection of brass candlesticks I use as a grouping with candles in fall colors.
(We import THE most fabulous candles from Denmark and sell them in our showroom in Santa Fe!)

This grouping of silver candlesticks with all white candles is a wonderful, elegant  choice, though.


Sometimes I come across photos of interiors that just speak to me because of their stark beauty.
I’d personally never be able to pull it off to choose just a few colors and stick with them – there are just too many colors that I love.  But I don’t even have to -  these rooms make me feel tranquil and good, just looking at them.

Ingo Maurer Lucellino


Ingo Maurer Knueller

The Ingo Maurer floor lamp Knueller is a true hit.
The name of this unique floor lamp is, as is the case with so many names for Ingo Maurer fixtures, a play on words. A Knueller in German means a hit and at the same time the verb “knuellen” means crumbling something up.
The shade is a spherical cage that holds randomly crumbled tissue to diffuse the light. (No worries: It is designed so that there is no fire hazard!)
The Knueller floor lamp continues the interactive lighting concepts so often presented by Ingo Maurer by enabling the user to crumble tissue paper randomly and develop the look of their diffuser.



Ingo Maurer Metall F. Cooper

Ingo Maurer Metall F. Cooper


Ingo Maurer aR-Ingo

Ingo Maurer aR-Ingo Floor Lamp