CFL versus Incandescant Bulbs“I have this beautiful antique foyer light with exposed bulbs and it will look horrible  with squiggly compact fluorescent lamps. Will incandescent bulbs soon be unavailable?”

We get questions like this almost every week, so here I’ll try to clarify a few things.

The energy bill that was signed end of 2007 does require that all light bulbs use 30% less energy than today’s incandescent bulbs by 2014, which is a good thing.

The phase-out will start with 100-watt bulbs in January 2012 and end with 40-watt bulbs in January 2014. After this a second tier of requirements will become effective which asks for all bulbs to be at least 70% more efficient, which would mean that they will have to be as efficient as the CFLs we are using right now.

Since the manufacturers of incandescent bulbs are probably more aware of this than anyone else they are of course working hard on finding ways of improving the efficiency of their products. It might very well be possible that a next generation of incandescent bulbs could satisfy the requirement of 30% increased efficiency by 2012.

All this said, there are now so many really great CFLs on the market that are good looking and fit a variety of needs: You can get candelabra bulb-shaped CFLs that will fit your foyer light and not change the overall look.

In our showroom we actually now sell more unique CFLs than anything else. (CFLs for outdoor use, dimmable CFLs etc etc).

Another lamp we have now introduced is an LED mR16. It is WONDERFUL.

More about that in a later post.

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4 Responses to “Will Incandescent Bulbs soon be Outlawed?”

  • Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  • Thanks for the information on the phase out of incandescent bulbs. But, remind people to properly handle and dispose of their CFLs. They contain very small amounts of mercury and should not go directly into landfill waste.
    Great website!

  • Mary Gallagher

    CFLs are very dangerous since the mercury vapor they contain is neurotoxic.