6040azMany of the wall sconces we show on our site have the three letters ALA in their description. You might have wondered for a second what this actually stands for and if it’s something you need to pay attention to when you choose your light.
ADA stands for The Americans with Disabilities Act. It is a law that was enacted in 1991 by the United States government.  ADA regulations require the owners of publicly accessible areas to properly accommodate people with physical disabilities.
ADA is not specific to lighting, but ADA regulations affect two areas of lighting, wall lights and hanging fixtures by creating standards for projection from the wall and clearance from the floor.
According to ADA regulations wall lights can not protrude further than 4 inches from the wall and must be mounted between 2’4” to 6’8” above the finished floor. Hanging fixtures must hang 6’8” above the floor.

Lighting manufacturers responded to this law by creating wall sconces with a slim profile like the outdoor light 6040 by Kichler.

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