Again and again we are approached with this question: Where do I place my wall sconces on the wall?
In the best case scenario this question is raised BEFORE your 7’2″ electrician became creative and placed them “above eye level”.

A few rules of thumb:
In general wall sconces should be mounted 60 – 66 inches above the floor and eight to 10 feet apart.In order to keep with the scale of the room, the recommended mounting height is 6 ft on 8″ walls and 6.6 ft on walls that are higher than 9 ft.
In rooms with vaulted ceilings, sconces should be larger in scale and can be placed even higher for dramatic effect.

You don’t want the bulb in a sconce be visible and cause glare.
This could be a problem when wall sconces are used along a staircase or in a lower level room where you look at the lighting from above. Fortunately there are many sconces available with a closed top.

In general, indoor wall sconces are there to add a soft glow and complement the ceiling fixtures, portable and recessed lighting, so these don’t have to do all the work and can be dimmed to a pleasant level. The splash of light on a wall along a hallway or directed towards an architectural feature can enhance the surroundings.

From understated to exuberant, industrial to Victorian  there is a wall sconce out there that is for you.

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