Lighting Designer Ingo MaurerThe new Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich is – breathtaking!!!
The huge renovation project of the historic downtown Schwabing building is completed and the result is a huge, airy space with enough rough industrial qualities for contrast.

Last year we saw it as a construction site in the hard-hat stage, now – pure joy to spend time there. And we did!!

It was great to be able to see all the wonderful Ingo Maurer creations in adequate surroundings, with lots of space around them. Even though we try to give the pieces we display in our Santa Fe showroom a lot of TLC this space was created for them.

The largeĀ  Floatation ceiling Light made of three conical shades of gently crumbled handmade paperĀ just looks stunning with a backdrop rough walls painted a stark white. It was hanging over two models of building projects that would be worth a visit!

Floatation Ceiling Light by Ingo Maurer

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