How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

In order to be able to do the job right a ceiling fan has to be installed and function properly. A wobbly ceiling fan will use more energy – as well as drive you crazy.

A ceiling fan needs to be mounted on a sturdy ceiling box that is ideally anchored to a joist or beam. The electrical box needs to be heavy-duty and rated “For Use with Ceiling Fans”.
If the joist is not located where you want your fan, a special ceiling fan mounting bracket should be installed above the ceiling between the joists. Keep in mind that ceiling fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds and move!
If your ceiling fan is wobbly, first of all make sure it was mounted to the right kind of box before it takes off on its own!
All conscientious fan manufacturers balance the fan blades prior to shipment. It can, however still happen, that the fan is wobbly after installation or that it starts wobbling with time from normal use.

There are several ways to fix a wobbly fan:
You can run it without the blades and see if the wobble stops. Then at least you know that the fan motor itself and the mounting is not causing the problem. Then attach the blades and make sure that all connections tightly fastened and aligned.
Now check the alignment of the blades by holding a yardstick against the ceiling, measuring the distance from the ceiling to the tip of each blade. They all have to be at the exact same distance from the ceiling. If any of the blades are bent you can gently bend the misaligned blade holder back into proper place.
To check for a cause of wobble you also need to make sure that all blades have the same pitch.
Measure the distance between all blades at the tip, first at the top of the fan, then at the bottom. They should all be the same. Gently bend the center metal blade support to change the pitch.
If all blades are perfectly aligned and the fan still wobbles, you can try using a balancing kit. You can find these kits at a hardware store or get them from the fan manufacturer.
If you bought the fan from us we’ll get you one free of charge!

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