Hudson Valley Woodstock Ceiling Fan

Hudson Valley Woodstock Ceiling Fan

Need a light as much you need a fan, but hate ceiling fan light kits with those little decorative shades?
The Woodstock ceiling fan from Hudson Valley Fan Company might just be the ticket for you! It has a classic, retro feel with its clear prismatic diffuser that gives off a great light. The motor is impressive, so it can really move some air as well!

A ceiling fan often replaces a central ceiling light and is needed as much the illuminate a room as to move the air.
With many ceiling fans the light kit, however,  appears to be an afterthought and the poor light quality reflects that.
This is obviously not the case with the Beacon Ceiling Fan from Hudson Valley Fan Company. This unique period authentic ceiling fan was inspired by two very popular  light fixtures by their sister company Hudson Valley Lighting: The Woodstock Pendant Light and the Woodstock Ceiling Light.

The characteristic industrial styling of the Woodstock Pendant group and its prismatic glass shade inspired this coordinating fan from The Hudson Valley Fan Company. It is offered in three finishes with natural wood blades. This is a fan that is meticulously designed and constructed. A triple capacitor reduces noise for silent operation and a reversing wall remote is included. The Beacon Ceiling Fan  features three fan speeds, an integrated light, and a triple capacitor motor for silent operation.
Hudson Valley Fan Company, a division of Hudson Valley Lighting, designs and manufactures original and authentic ceiling fans that complement Hudson Valley light fixtures, provide quality air movement, and act as decorative focal points for the home.

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