Fan season has started again and we are consulting clients on purchases, printing out tips to distribute, completing and refreshing our showroom displays with new ceiling fan models.
Today we added a few fans by Period Arts Fan Co,  sister company of  The Modern Fan Co. I just love both lines: same quality, sense of style and unfussy lines and yet spanning styles from cutting-edge contemporary to rustic Craftsman Style.

dsc014581Ron Rezek was THE pioneer in designing  ceiling fans that fit modern surroundings. He developed a patented single-piece rotor for his fans that made installation easier and diminished the  wobble, previously taken for granted.  Instead of fitting this rotor into the traditional embellished fan with a pull-chain he cut away all frills and gave us – the Stratos Ceiling Fan. Many models later, the Stratos still going strong, The Modern Fan Co. has established that there is indeed a ceiling fan for all of us.

I just had to stop and think about how fortunate I am to get to know so many great people through my work, Ron Rezek, way up there on my list. After 25 years in the lighting (ceiling fan) business I have gained a deep appreciation for the enduring quality of good design and craftsmanship and even before I met Ron in person I knew I’d like him a lot.
Since day one of Form + Function I was a fan of the work of Ron Rezek and was fortunate enough that nobody knew how tiny our showroom downtown Santa Fe actually was when we placed our first order. We got it and proudly displayed it in our showroom during the heydays of pure “Santa Fe Style”,  surrounded as we were by stores with turquoise howling coyotes, hand-hewn log furniture and colorful Western boots.
Ron joined Artemide, founded The Modern Fan Co, we grew a bit (but on quite a more modest scale), moved to larger digs  and are still just as thrilled to display as many Ron Rezek designs as we possibly can.
What I personally love about every single fan by The Modern Fan Co. is its beauty.
I LOVE simplicity and literally get goosebumps over finding creative designs that are simple without being boring. This of course goes hand-in-hand with quality and intregity and the fans by The Modern Fan Co. for sure have everything going for them.

I for my part experience pure joy over being around these beautiful designs and  all Form + Function team members will second me wholeheartedly, but for their own very selfish reasons: We just never get a fan back! None, Nada!  No hassle, no extra paperwork, no upset clients to deal with. What more can I say?


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