Sydney FreeJack Pendant Light by Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting has a way with words: Their cable lighting system is Kable Lite and their mini-pendants have been given the catchier name FreeJack pendants. There is a reason for this, though.

A Freejack pendant is in simple layman’s terms a mini-pendant light that you can attach to one of the canopies offered by Tech Lighting. The FreeJack pendant itself does not include the canopy. Because of the many options you have to choose that separately.

The neat thing is also that you do have the option of using your FreeJack pendants on a MonoRail system down the road if you feel like change or even on your Kable Lite.

I have several Tech Lighting systems and Freejacks all over my house and have moved things around on and off as the mood struck me. The cable lighting pendants I currently have over my desk have been in my living room and my kitchen FreeJack pendants went – well, to a client’s house on trial. (That’s what you get for having people over for dinner!)

It’s therefore so true how Tech Lighting describes their FreeJack system:

The Tech Lighting FreeJack system represents the ultimate in ease and versatility. Simply choose any FreeJack canopy and plug in any of the Tech Lighting FreeJack compatible elements to create your own unique ceiling fixture.

The Tech Lighting collection of canopies offers the ability to mount individual elements, or small groupings of elements to a single junction box.

Create an intimate setting over a cozy restaurant booth with a single pendant, or place three colorful pendants in a row using our linear canopy to add sophistication to a dining room. Even create a chandelier-style fixture by choosing a three, four or five port canopy.

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