Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria

Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria

An explosion of dinnerware in mid-air, shards flying.

The Porca Miserie by Ingo Maurer is a must-see piece!! I first saw it on a full page in their catalog and it took my breath away. When I finally saw it in real life it was even more stunning.

The design looks random, yet it is precisely choreographed like a ballet.

“We produce it in a limited number — we do only 10 a year. Believe it or not, it takes four people almost five days. We buy porcelain plates at a regular shop. First, we smash them: I have one, I drop it; or I take a hammer to it. It looks very much at random — and it is, maybe 50 or 60 percent. The rest is in a way constructed: There’s a bit of calculation of how big I want to have the piece I want to use.” – Ingo Maurer

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