Our Tech Lighting Story

Quite a few years ago I was approached by the owner of a gallery housed in a gorgeous old historic building downtown Santa Fe. He was looking for help lighting a succession of dark rooms in this old adobe building.
The owner had heard about something called Cable Lighting and wanted it. I had seen it in Europe and immediately loved the idea, so I contacted Tech Lighting.

This was one of those strokes of luck you sometimes have in life: Tech Lighting got me in contact with their sales rep for this area, Ron Boettcher, and that was the start of a long and wonderful working relationship and friendship we are still enjoying.
Ron decided that he could combine a trip up to Santa Fe with his wife Gay for lunch the next day with a brief visit to Form + Function. Well, the visit was not quite that brief and Gay soon saw herself taking room measurements instead of relaxing in a restaurant. It was a huge job and the result was beautiful: The cable light system practically disappeared in space and therefore didn’t intrude on the old, rustic surroundings. It was possible to illuminate artwork along the walls as well as provide ample illumination on the antique furniture in the center of the rooms.
On a side note: We were fortunate that we were able to work through a problem particular to adobe houses. Cable Lighting can not be installed directly into adobe, since adobe is electrically conductive.
(more about this at a later time.)

Shortly thereafter I went to visit Tech Lighting at the Dallas Market and after meeting with the great people and admiring their showroom I seriously started my love affair with this company.

I returned full of new ideas and plans for our own showroom and scared the living daylight out of poor Louise, our showroom manager,  by declaring that we now had to learn everything about low voltage systems. Well, we both dug into all the training materials we could lay hands on, took Tech Lighting classes and installed all the different systems in our showroom. As we added staff and grew we made sure that everyone working at Form + Function learned everything there is to know about Tech Lighting low voltage systems. One day Alex, our warehouse assistant casually mentioned to me that he now also had taken the Tech Lighting All-Star Course.
Alex has now moved to customer service and there’s a good chance that you’ll get him on the phone when you call to place an order.

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