iStock_000001794133XSmallI’m sitting here with my cup of tea. It’s pretty late and the house is quiet except for a gentle snoring from the dogs and the chirping of the cicada outside. My desk is illuminated by my favorite reading light, the Tolomeo by Artemide. And several other table-and floor lamps are adding the warm glow of – well, the good old warm and comfortable incandescent light to the living room.
As much as I am in favor of saving the planet, as much as I am promoting the use of energy saving lighting options here on my blog and in our showroom, I still LOVE my lowly incandescent light bulb!

In our showroom we have replaced all our bulbs with compact fluorescents and have seen the savings, and I have replaced a few at home, but totally honestly -  I am whispering this, ashamed – I still don’t see a substitute for the light quality of the incandescent bulb. It is just SO nice! Warm, cozy, and familiar.

There, I said it!!!

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