Flos Fucsia 12

Flos Fucsia 12

The dining room chandelier is the place to create a Wow! experience.
Make this centerpiece a strong focal point.
Allow yourself to splurge  on a designer piece or hang the crystal chandelier you hauled all the way back from the Paris flea market. Get it rewired and just do it!!
Caution: You want this piece to stand out and “make” the room, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the workhorse that does it all.
Add buffet lamps, candles, indirect lighting to the illumination over your dining table.
One light source by itself creates too harsh transitions between the areas of light and shadows. You want to create several layers of light throughout the area and you want to be able to dim all lights to fit the tasks or mood of the moment.

Dining Area as seen in "Skona Hem"

Balance is key.
It is proven that the even, bland light of fast-food restaurants make people hurry up and leave sooner.¬† High end restaurants , however, deploy a variety of sophisticated subtle lighting schemes to create a comfortable atmosphere that make guests want to linger. We look and feel a whole lot better better in good lighting and it’s usually so easy to achieve with a few simple adjustments.

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