Colorful Children's Room with Reading Light

A lot of fun is to be had when decorating a child’s room.
All kinds of themes and colors are available to tailor the room to a tot’s tastes.
When it comes to lighting, practicality and atmosphere are important.

The first factor to consider is the age of the child.

Babies need central lighting during the day, and something soft to let them sleep at night.
An effective choice would be a ceiling light, centered in the room with an up-lighting shade and a dimmer switch. A small table lamp and/or a plug-in night light can finish the job.

The main concern for toddlers is safety. Low-energy lamps and wall lighting that do not become hot will help. The maximum temperatures should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius for metal parts and 70 degrees Celsius for all other parts during use. Where lamps are located in the room is a major concern when it comes to avoiding damage.

Kids' Rooms Need Light for Homework, Reading and Playtime

Being scared of the dark can be alleviated with an easy to operate light source within reach of the bed.

Cheerful kids' rooms need light to show off the bright colors!

As the child grows up, the focus turns to task lighting. Lights for reading, writing, and of course, computer use should be considered for their abilities to reduce fatigue and eye strain.


Kids' Rooms need lighting for homework and play

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