Zettelz Chandelier by Ingo MaurerChandeliers come in many shapes and sizes, and even though I usually prefer  contemporary design there is just something about a decorative chandelier laden with glass droplets or crystals that is so festive and romantic that it’s irresistible.

Not to say that chandeliers by nature have to be traditional. Many contemporary designers like Phillippe Starck and Ingo Maurer have created their own exuberant interpretations of the traditional chandelier.

Just look at the Zettelz by Ingo Maurer: Slips  of Japanese paper- some printed, some blank – attached by paper clips to thin wires entice you to participate and add your own thoughts.

We have one hanging in our showroom that our customers have added to. They just felt like it, had to.

Notes in Spanish, Danish, German…..

Love it!!

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