Light up your Kitchen Island

Light up your Kitchen Island

Lighting your kitchen island has become an increasingly important choice in highlighting the form and function of your home. As the uses of kitchen islands have become more varied, you have your choices to create a beautiful effect for cooking, cleaning, homework, or socializing with friends and family.

From functional track lighting systems with colorful pendants to elaborate chandeliers, a large variety of light fixtures will work to create the atmosphere you want for this central hub in your kitchen.
Many lighting manufacturers offer island lights, which are multi-light pendants specifically designed for kitchen islands, but you can just as well design your own lay-out by choosing from individual fixtures that go with your decor.

This is a selection of mini-pendants that work well over a kitchen island.

This short article from the American Lighting Association offers informative tips for this crucial area of your home:

There is little as frustrating as a dimly-lit kitchen island. In order to be effective in the kitchen, you need to be able to see well. Though the need for lighting in this area is obvious, choosing the right lighting can be very confusing for many.

Decorative pendant lights work wonders for lighting an island, while simultaneously adding style to your kitchen’s decor. You might use a combination of two or three pendant lights over a kitchen island for an even more appealing look.  A dimmer switch, used in conjunction with pendants, allows for bright task lighting to effectively brighten the area for food preparation or homework, while allowing the lights to be lowered for entertaining guests or simply to create a charming atmosphere. Fluorescent light fixtures can also be used to light a kitchen island, as can recessed lights positioned overhead.

There are many styles of pendant lights from which to choose. You can find pendant lighting to fit any type of kitchen decor. Mini pendants work well with kitchen islands also and can be positioned to form a fashionable row of lights.

From sleek and modern to rich and ornate, the style choices are endless. Remember to select the highest-quality lighting you can afford and your fixtures will last for quite some time. Since good lighting both beautifies and adds value to your property, you don’t want to skimp by purchasing fixtures at your local bargain store.

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