I know, I know, this is is not supposed to be a travel blog, but all about lighting.

But then again, I’m SO in love with this beautiful city. Maybe because I didn’t really have any time to prepare for the trip, working up until the last minute. I just had this vague fear of it being¬† grey, drab and boring from 60 years behind the Iron Curtain. Not so!
Instead we found a lively big city with a wonderful mix of old and new, lots of sidewalk cafes, THE BEST ice cream in the world.¬† Black currant ice cream, bursting with that flavor I love and with pieces of real black currants – to die for! Ben & Jerry – listen up, please!!! I’m going home to deprivation! Hellooooo!
As a matter of fact, all the food is delicious and the wines outstanding. It’s worth the trip just for all the incredible varieties of wine : Irsai Oliver, Kekfrankos… The names alone make me want them.

Tip: If you love wine the wine museum at the castle is a must!
I am not really into tours and touristy things that involve groups, but this was a self-guided one through a maze of cellars dating back to the 1300s! Lots of information and really interesting.
The best of all came at the end, though: They have a great wine tasting.



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