My son just moved to Madison, WI, and is sitting among unopened boxes, trying to find the most important things to get started making his new digs a home. Whenever he makes a whimper about how hard it is to move everything you have accumulated over 10 years I sigh and say Tell me all about it!
At this very moment we are looking at the logistics nightmare of moving an entire warehouse into smaller quarters.
Why are we doing this insane thing?

paulWell, after ten years in a huge drafty space that was really not designed as a showroom, our lease was up and we had found the most wonderful smaller space around the corner: Pacheco Park, a contemporary design center kind of off the beaten path, but  surrounded by a bunch of other great, well-established design-related businesses.

Our warehouse stayed put for a while, since there are no new tenants in the old space, but now we are moving!
I don’t know what it is, but these times give me the urge to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.Do we need all this stuff to operate efficiently? The reality is that we have stocked up and stocked up, just because it felt good, kind of like having a full pantry before the Holidays.
But with our vendors being extremely efficient and shipping practically the same day it seems like excess what we have been doing.

After having cleaned, sorted and hauled tons of stuff to Habitat for Humanity and Open Hands we thought the sprawl was under control and started our move.
Well, we’re halfways done and and are realizing that it’s time for a BIG warehouse clearance sale to get us to the efficient level we want to operate from in the future.
Paul (above)  who many of you probably have spoken to on the phone is our Man for Every Challenge. Without him there would be no move!

So, how do you go about selling literally tons of light fixtures that are really great in quality, design, form and function? We’re not talking a bunch of junk, but designer lighting that there are people out there looking for?

Well, for starters we added all our stock still left in the old warehouse to our SALE page on our site. Do check it out. There are some real bargains on designer lighting . We just need to get the word out.

HELP US!!!  We’re ready to offer a lot of stuff at incredible prices just to get this over with and done!

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