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Read an article in Home Lighting and Accessories today and stumbled over this interesting question:

Which car would would you buy? The one that gets 14 miles per gallon or a car that gets 70  miles per gallon??  With the question put like that it of course seems like a no-brainer.

So looking at the common household bulb versus the squiggly CFL it should be an equally easy choice.
An incandescent light bulb produces 14.4 lumens per watt compared to a whopping 70 lumens per watt for a CFL, so you could actually save quite a bit by going greener in your lighting.

You noticed my “greener?” As I have said before, I think it’s extremely important for us to be aware of the changes we as individuals can make to the environment, so I am all for promoting ways to save energy. But personally I still love the warmth of an incandescent bulb. There, I said it!

The CFL lighting technology is evolving at a staggering pace and new products are hitting the market on a daily basis, so I know that the day will come when I won’t have to feel guilty for throwing money out the window and ruining the environment with my old fashioned and self-indulgent ways .

At my home I have replaced all the light bulbs that are covered by shades in warm tones  and all bulbs in our wall sconces with CFLs. The more exposed bulbs are still the “good” (ok, bad)  old kind.
In our showroomwe have completely switched to CFLs and it’s actually looking very good.

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