Tech Lighting Track Light Challenge

At Form + Function we pride ourselves in our Tech Lighting product knowledge. We work surrounded by Tech Lighting systems, we love Tech Lighting, and we deal with custom systems on a day-to-day basis.
It’s time for a challenge!

So, we are challenging YOU to  get creative Рand save!

Send us ANY question regarding Tech Lighting systems – and if we don’t return a correct answer within 24 hours, we’ll send you a cool little LED puck light.

Tom, Louise, Paul, Alex, Michael, and Lette are waiting for your questions!

(Of course we are challenging each other as well!)

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7 Responses to “Tech Lighting Challenge!”

  • Joni Knutson

    I’m wanting to do tech lighting over my kitchen island however the problem is that it is above a cooktop where steam rises from cooking so I think I need something that is listed for use in wet areas (my last similar system failed because it wasn’t UL listed for wet) – I think that is the reason anyway. What do you advise?

  • admin

    Congratulations to your LED puck light that you get because we slept and missed our promised 24-hour response time by one hour! Shoot us an email with your address and we’ll get it to you right away.
    Now to your question:
    I encountered a similar situation in my own kitchen, but in my case the fixtures failed because of grease build-up from cooking. No matter what I did and how often I cleaned the connections it re-occurred. My solution was to keep the system, but not hang any fixtures directly over the cooktop. That worked.
    I talked about this with Tech Lighting and their technical support people backed me up on that.

    Form + Function

  • Bill k

    Do you know if the Tech Hanging Wok monorail pendants will work with the Tiella Rail pack, 300 watt remote transformer system( that is priced at $356)?

  • Dave Lambert

    I have a Biz fixture (one of three) that will not work. It went on and off but is now not working. I believe the socket piece is mal functioning. Do you have any spare parts?

  • Kenneth Willburn

    Can mini pendants be hung above a cooktop or would steam, grease and smoke be hazardous to the lights?

  • Lette

    Good question! I am speaking here from personal experience (plus what I have gotten out of my conversations with manufacturers after I brought up this very topic)
    In general the answer is yes they can, and they very often are. Personally I had three incandescent mini-pendants hanging over my cooktop for years (23 to be exact) with no problems other than having to take off the glass shades and clean them thoroughly once in a while. Then I switched to cool looking halogen mini=-pendants. I love the look, but the grease build-up seems to bother them more. I have to exchange the bulbs more frequently than in my pendants that are not directly over the stove (we have a down-draft stove and therefore no hood.) There are also on and off problems with grease build-up in the connections, so i have to take them apart and clean them.
    Hope this helps.

  • andrea

    I have the tiella track lighting and went to hang the lights (cutting the wire for the appropriate length). They worked fine before being cut and now they don’t work at all. The rail is hot, but for some reason, the lights are not…is it a christmas tree effect that if one is not seated properly, they all will not work?