We don’t want our lamps to come back to visit!

Form + Function is not just a web based business that distributes lighting all over the country. We meet our customers face-to-face every day and talk with them about their needs.

We unfortunately also have people walk through the door with a broken lamp under their arm and we cringe every time it happens. Now we get to fix it or package it up and send it back to the manufacturer. So, it is truly in OUR best interest never to have this happen.

We definitely like our customers and love visiting with them, but we only want to see them return because they were happy with what they got from us. For that particular reason we are removing any light fixture that seems to have problems from our showroom as well as our site.

Some problems might not even be that visible. We have just blacklisted a great series of floor-and table lamps that we really liked: They sell well because they are good looking, well priced, sturdy, have all the bells and whistles in adjustability – BUT you can’t exchange the light bulb without intensive work, bandaids and multiple words I can’t repeat here. You won’t believe how often we see our poor customers drag their lamp into our store to have Paul, our expert, exchange the bulb.

I just ask: Did the manufacturer never try to exchange the bulb?

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