I miss our gigantic Birds, Birds, Birds chandelier that was a focal point in our old showroom. We even had the surrounding walls covered with an oversized pair of wings, painted by a local artist. Now they are painted over, the birds have found a loving home and we have the smaller ceiling version (“Birdie’s Nest) of the Ingo Maurer chandelier mounted over the counter in our new space.

So, there are a few things I actually miss about the cavernous old location even though we are all so thrilled with our new digs. We got used to the tall ceilings and having tons of space.
What we won’t miss is trying to heat or cool the space!
Yes, it’s true, this winter you won’t see us with stocking caps and gloves in the morning!

Our new showroom is more like a real home, actually much more conventional  from the floor plan than most homes I visit during my lighting consultations.  This  makes it possible for us to show lighting more in a home context, which I think makes sense.

The Birds, Birds, Birds chandelier was designed by Ingo Maurer in 1992. This exuberant chandelier is as much a sculpture as a light fixture just like most Ingo Maurer creations.

24 special light bulbs (with the Ingo Maurer logo) are attached to metal wires that can be bent, twisted and stretched to fit your creativity and mood. The real goosefeather wings are attached separately. They are not part of the bulb itself.

Two smaller versions are available: Birdie and Birdie’s Nest.

Ingo Maurer Birds, Birds, Birds Chandelier

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