Finally Santa Feans will be able to dispose properly of their used Compact Fluorescent lamps!

After we called around and found out that there is no option available to recycle fluorescent lamps anywhere in Santa Fe – or for that matter all of Northern New Mexico we decided that something had to happen!

Form + Function to the rescue!We contacted our lamp manufacturers and found out that several of them (at a cost, of course!) offer recycle bins distributed by EPSI (Earth Protective Services, Inc).EPSI is a company that according to their website is “dedicated to providing the highest quality, cost-effective waste management for electronic products. Our processes will return recycled materials to reusable commodities, while maintaining the highest level of professional standards and integrity ensuring regulatory compliance and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

Form + Function has now ordered several of their bins for CFL disposal that we want to make available to the public. We will pay for the proper disposal of CFLs in Santa Fe!

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