Ingo Maurer - Pierre ou Paul pendant light.jpg

On a recent trip to Munich I entered a shoe store, shrieked with joy, grabbed my camera – and took a bunch of pictures of the incredible mega-sized pendant light Pierre ou Paul by Ingo Maurer.
I was so happy finally to see it in real life, and this store had not just one, but a whole row of them. An incredible display!
When I left the store after about twenty minutes I realized that I had forgotten to look at the shoes!! – It is hard to believe. Well, that gives me an excuse to go back to this great store next time I’m in Munich.
The 50 inch domes are made of hammered aluminum and steel and lined on the inside with platinum leaf or gold leaf (the real thing!) Three counterweights allow fine adjustments to the height and tilt.
The Pierre ou Paul is not only grandiose for its size, but has enormous presence and “makes” the room with its sculptural quality.

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