In my last post I proudly showed the savings we had seen on our utility bill at the Form + Function showroom after switching to CFLs wherever we could.
It is indeed exciting, there is no doubt about it.
As a lighting showroom, we of course have A LOT of lights on all day long. We have no choice.
We have, however, over the years become increasingly aware of the fact that we all need to pitch in to reduce the use of items that cause a negative impact on the environment. With the arrival of much smaller CFLs and a variety of shapes that would fit into almost any fixture, we had no excuse not to go for it!
Of course we see it as an added bonus that green lighting is not only eco-aware, but cost effective.
Since you might have a hard time relating to our $600+ electricity bill (which is entirely for lighting) I have included a cost comparison chart published by the US Department of Energy.


To be honest: That doesn’t look quite as impressive. I save $20 in THREE YEARS! (Can’t buy a whole lot of lattes for that!)
But then again, that’s for ONE bulb. It all adds up!

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